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We build all styles of barns and always start from scratch. We listen to you and design your building to your specific needs. You get the functionality you need and a unique space for all your belongings. We keep the cost low and bring you affordable prices. Let's raise your barn today. Call us for your free estimate at 541-672-7595 

Use your land as the base

A pole barn uses simple construction by using the very ground you stand on as the foundation for the structure. There'll be a vertical covering and less expensive than stick built. The roof is supported by the poles, which make the perimeter of the barn. Walls can be added but are not required for structural integrity.


Simplicity means less material which means more savings to you.

What can you expect?

You can expect only the best from HJR Construction. We are reliable, on-time and most importantly, on budget. We only use quality products to give you an extremely

well built building.


You have many options to choose from: Custom built, 6 x 6 construction, gravel foundation or cement. Whether you need to store hay or vehicles, let us design yours today.  

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